Photography: Intro to Composition



My version of simplicity is focusing on the beautiful sun that’s about to set for another day.


from Doug88888, Flickr


This picture really shows the definition of contrast by the having light and dark colors.


from Aussiegall



Learning the basics of Editing

  • Most cameras come with a photo editor in the package. So do most scanners. Computers can also have photo editors, notably Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop
  • Vector graphics define lines and shapes as actual objects
  • When you describe an image like this, each bit is mapped to a specific location on the grid, which is to say, the image consists of a bunch of mapped bits, and the image is called bitmapped
  • drawing program
  • An example of a drawing program used by professionals is Adobe Illustrator
  • paint programs.
  • a straight line, for example, and a vector graphics program knows where it starts and where it stops.
  •  a circle, and the program knows where the center is and how large the radius is
  • So just as the word draw in a program name tells you that you’re dealing with a vector graphics program, the word paint tells you that you’re dealing with a bitmapped program.
  • Adobe Illustrator, The alternative to describing images as a collection of lines and shapes is to think about the image as a grid of bits (in the sense of being the smallest part of the image, not a computer bit). You then define the position and color of each bit
  • The most common reason for rotating an image is that you shot it in vertical format
  • 1. One of the most common is that there is some distracting element 2. want to close in on the subject of the photo. 3. photo is a cluttered messImage